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The hydro archeological exhibition „Ancient Shipwreck“

The cargo of the Roman galley from the mid 4th century, sunk in the Duboka cove on the north side of Hvar island, near Basina.



Permanent archeological collection „Faros-ancient Stari Grad“

In the three rooms there is an exhibition of artifacts from prehistoric settlement (6th and 5 th century BC) the period of ancient Hellenic town of Faros (385/4.-2nd century BC), Roman and late-ancient Pharia (1st century BC – 7th century AD).


Captain's room

Decorated in the style of the 19th century seamanship of Stari Grad flourished. It contains paintings and ships, marine weapons, furniture and maritime instruments from contemporary and past periods.


The permanent exhibition of Juraj Plancic Gallery (founded in 1963) contains the works of two famous Star i Grad painters: Juraj Plancic (1899-1930) and Bartol Petric (1899-1974), and other Croatian artist of the 20th century. The Gallery often houses other exhibitions.


Ethnographic collection in summer residence Tvrdalj of Petar Hektorović

Salon Gelineo Bervaldi, 19. century